Exploring the Way Life Works: The Science of Biology

The Way Life Works Is The Perfect Answer For Any Instructor Seeking A More Concise, Meaningful, And Flexible Alternative To The Standard Introductory Biology Text. Organized Around One Central Idea – The Amazing Unity That Underlies Biological Diversity – This Book Presents Biology’s Basic Concepts And Applications Through A Brilliant Interweaving Of Incisive Explanations, Imaginative Analogies, And Stunning Visual Graphics. The Process Of Science Is Strongly Emphasized, And Specific Historical And Current Research Is Presented To Elucidate The Achievements Of Scientific Exploration And The Roles Of Curiosity And Observation In Initiating The Scientific Process. Easily Adaptable To Multiple Teaching Styles, This Irresistably Readable, Innovative, And Engaging New Textbook Is Guaranteed To Inspire Both Teachers And Students Alike.

Source: goodreads.com