Driven by well-being and (at least the sense of) being able to make a positive change, Biomimicry was a true “this is it”.  Daphne’s MSc. in Biochemistry gave her a good start, but her curiosity to learn more about Biomimicry convinced her to partake in world’s first Biomimicry PhD program at the University of Akron (Ohio). She focused on how biomimicry thinking can be applied into fundamental R&D project to creating collaborative organizations.

Daphne's entrepreneurial spirit and interest in social and environmental well-being resulted in co-founding two start-ups: Jaswig, making and selling sustainable standing desks, and Hedgemon, R&D for creating a hedgehog-inspired helmet. Daphne has given numerous presentationsm keynotes and workshops, among which a TEDx Talk - together with designer Rene Polin - about taking cues from the natural world to solve complex industrial design problems.