Biomimicry Belgium is a network of experienced biomimicry practitioners


We are a group of entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and engineers that use nature-based solutions to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We work together to reach out, innovate and connect.
We envision a creative and resilient society that generates wellbeing for citizens within healthy ecosystems.
Our mission is to accelerate development, understanding and practice of biomimicry in Belgium, to contribute to sustainable societies and innovation worldwide.
What we do
We promote biomimicry through conferences and publications. You can spot us in Belgium as well as the broader European network.
As professionals we apply biomimicry in various projects and start-ups. Visit our team page to discover the diverse areas of our activities.
We connect likeminded people at our Biomimicry Café's and workshops. Follow us on Facebook to find out when.
Get involved
Do you have an idea for an innovative project?
Do you want to help bring biomimicry to classrooms?
Are you working on bio-inspired research?
Are you an entrepreneur, biologist, engineer, artist, designer, ... and want to contribute to the mission?
Get in touch and join the network!